National Caribbean-American Heritage Month 2019 Marks Fourteenth Celebration

National Caribbean-American Heritage Month 2019 Marks Fourteenth Celebration The Institute of Caribbean Studies (ICS) effort to establish National Caribbean American Heritage Month (NCAHM) began in 1999 with outreach to President Bill Clinton asking for the recognition of August as National Caribbean American Heritage Month.  This resulted in the first White House Caribbean American Community Briefing being held at the Clinton […]

The Three Extraordinary Bucks of The Virgin Islands

The Three Extraordinary Bucks of The Virgin Islands by Jeff McCord It’s a curious fact that there is a small “Buck Island” located in the waters off each of the Virgin Islands’ three principal isles: St. Croix; St. Thomas; and Tortola.  Visitors might easily assume these “bucks” were named after male deer since white tail […]

What SUP?

By Molly Winans What SUP? Anyone who has lazy bones in their bodies, as I do, may not rush out to try a sport often touted as a “good core workout.” In fact, we may hear “blah, blah, work, blah” and avoid it. This, I fear, may be keeping some prospective stand-up paddleboarders from trying […]


By Meg Mullery MIDDLEBURG TRAINING CENTER “Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway.” Hollywood Actor John Wayne (1907-1979) Early each morning, a parade of horse-athletes leave their respective barns, exercise riders mounted, destined for the adjacent racetrack. The track is just one component of the 149-acre Middleburg Training Center, a crown jewel […]

Blooming in April

Blooming in April by Julie Reardon It’s that time of year, when everyone’s invited for an up close look at the homes of the rich and famous in Virginia. Because, we admit, there’s a little voyeurism in all of us. We love to peek through the windows and behind the closed doors and walled gardens […]

Oysters! Oysters Oysters!

Oysters! Oysters Oysters! By Kenny Fletcher A thriving Chesapeake Bay and healthy Potomac River depend on water-filtering oysters. But there’s so much more to know about our favorite bivalve. The Eastern Oyster has long been an iconic part of our region’s culture, cuisine, and ecology. But harvesting pressure, combined with loss of reef habitat, pollution, […]

Happy, Happy Spring…..Finally!

By Lani Gering Happy, Happy Spring…..Finally! One knows that spring is on the scene here in the Harbor when March Madness basketball is FINALLY off of the big screen on the Plaza and the landscaping starts perking up with actual blooming flowers and green grass. This year the Harbor welcomes something pretty special – the […]

The Lime Out – ‘Floating Food Truck’ on STJ’s East End

The Lime Out – ‘Floating Food Truck’ on STJ’s East End By Amy Roberts Mobile food vendors selling everything from kallaloo to fracos have long been popular in the Virgin Islands. In the islands and on the mainland, there’s been a growing trend for food trucks to offer more upscale and exotic fare. Now a […]

Rites and Refusals

From the Bay by Molly Winans Rites and Refusals I refuse to burn my socks. It’s a quiet refusal. I’m not trying to mess up anyone’s rites of spring or to rally support for an anti-sock-burning movement. It seems to me that my quiet rebellion, exercising my right to just be me, is in the […]

“Rogues, Vagabonds, the Idle and Dissolute” and the Luck of the Irish

“Rogues, Vagabonds, the Idle and Dissolute” and the Luck of the Irish By Jeff McCord As we anticipate St. Patrick’s Day on March 17, it’s fun to think about the role of the Irish in the Virgin Islands and Virginia.  Sons and daughters of Eire have been pioneers, planters, pirates, entertainers and much more throughout […]