St. John: How To Get Here – “News” You Can Use!

By Jenn Manes St. John: How To Get Here – “News” You Can Use! It’s not easy getting to a little island in the Caribbean. Here’s a quick rundown on how to get here, the latest ferry and barge schedules and more. For starters, let’s talk about location. St. John is located in the United […]


GUNS AND THE LAW OF UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES Off the record: Why are rural Virginians so against common sense gun laws? By Julie Reardon No issue in recent memory has stirred up passion and emotion here in the hunt country of suburban and rural Virginia like gun control.  Most news reports tried to portray the massive […]

The Rise of Eco-Tourism and Conservation Vacations

By Scott Dicken The Rise of Eco-Tourism and Conservation Vacations If you’re like me, by early January Christmas pudding is merely a fond memory, and I guiltily admit to friends that I haven’t made a New Year’s resolution yet, particularly one I will endeavor to keep. Yet, this year I’m feeling inspired by a recent […]

The 20 Best Caribbean Beach Bars to Visit in 2020!

Lani Gering w/Caribbean Journal Staff The 20 Best Caribbean Beach Bars to Visit in 2020! I signed up for the Caribbean Journal newsletter quite some time ago since we try to spend as much time as we can on our favorite islands of St. John and Jost Van Dyke but lately the treks have been […]


By Julie Reardon ANIMAL RIGHTS IS NOT ABOUT ENDING ANIMAL CRUELTY… …it’s about restricting your rights to own pets, livestock, farms, ranches and more. While I normally avoid politics in my Blue Ridge reports, this is not a Democrat vs. Republican issue. It’s one that affects nearly all of us—if we own and love animals. […]


By Lani Gering Olli…Olli…Olli I finally took a ride on Olli – the Harbor’s self-driving, electric vehicle. Brought to life a few years ago by Local Motors, this little vehicle is finally coming to life here at National Harbor. It has been being tested in other urban areas as well and is still a work […]

What Cool People Do

What Cool People Do by Molly Winans From the Publisher: It is time for our annual Frost Bite Sailing column. Molly penned this column 10 years ago and it has held up for the entire decade. According to the NOAA website’s Thomas Point Light Station, the air temperature is 41 degrees Fahrenheit. The Bay, 42.6 […]

Top Travel Destinations for 2020

Take Photos, Leave Footprints By Scott Dicken Top Travel Destinations for 2020 Why settle for socks in your Christmas stocking when you can give someone a travel experience to remember for a lifetime?  Every year I feel a twinge of excitement when the world’s most famous travel guide publisher, Lonely Planet, releases its annual top […]

The Big Boats Are Back!

By Jenn Manes The Big Boats Are Back! ‘Tis the season my friends! We just had our first megayacht visit St. John marking the beginning of season for some. So, I happened to be out and about on a News of St. John Island Tour on a sunny late October afternoon when I passed Round Bay out […]

The Wilds of Africa

The Wilds of Africa By Scott Dicken Debunking the Common Myths of African Travel As a result of my love for all things Africa, I often get readers of the Take Photos Leave Footprints website asking me questions as they decide whether Africa is the right vacation destination for them. Some of the most common […]