A Dinghy Diary

A Dinghy Diary by Molly Winans A few evenings ago, while docking after a sweet sail and sunset, a friend and I were on deck, preparing to retrieve dock lines, discussing nostalgia. I had just told the crew about how our stormy and then overcast trip home from Oxford felt autumnal to me, except for […]

The Joys of Overnight Racing

The Joys of Overnight Racing by Molly Winans   “The darkness and uncertainty of your surroundings add to the sailing experience.” There are three types of big boat racing sailors on the Bay: those who have not yet tried overnight racing; those who have done it once and checked it off their bucket lists; and […]

Annmarie Sculpture Garden Hosts Special Summer Art Project

By Joann Foltz   Annmarie Sculpture Garden Hosts Special Summer Art Project   Annmarie Sculpture garden & Arts Center’s Artist-In-Residence, Hannah Jeremiah Summer is here and Annmarie Garden announces an exciting community art project entitled, Inflatable – Images & Inspirations. The project will continue throughout the summer and will be led by artist-in-residence, Hannah Jeremiah. […]

Calvert Marine Museum

This month we are supporting our friends at the Calvert Marine Museum with some extra editorial coverage. We have always felt that they play a very important part in the history and preservation of the heritage of the Bay and the waters of Calvert County. Put the Calvert Marine Museum at the top of your […]

The Learning Curve

The Learning Curve by Molly Winans My friend Robynne, to whom I’ve offered to give sailing lessons, asked me on e-mail how many lessons she will need so that she can block those days off on her calendar. I stared at her e-mail for a while. Then, I laughed. I wrote, “It depends,” but I […]

Core Value

By Molly Winans   Core Value   Let’s try some guided imagery to start the sailing season. Take a deep breath. Relax. Imagine. It’s your first big day on the water and a sunny, 70-degree one. You slip on your new Maui Jims and work your way up on deck to rig up the new […]

Rites and Refusals

by Molly Winans   Rites and Refusals   I refuse to burn my socks. It’s a quiet refusal. I’m not trying to mess up anyone’s rites of spring or to rally support for an anti-sock-burning movement. It seems to me that my quiet rebellion, exercising my right to just be me, is in the spirit […]

How To Buy A Boat

From the Bay By Molly Winans How To Buy A Boat You can picture her. Sitting at your dock looking shiny and new. You imagine climbing aboard on a perfect spring day with a cooler full of goodies for a day sail or a duffel bag for a weekend. Maybe you have dreamed of wintering […]

Old Boat, New Friends

  by Molly Winans Among the reality television concepts I think would work, if only for a small and quirky viewer population, “Name This Vessel” has potential. The host would lead seasoned sailors, all blindfolded, on 10 unique sailboats, and once below, take off their blindfolds and let them guess the specific vessel type based […]

Dockside Digs

by Molly Winans With the Farmers Almanac prediction of a “hard” winter in our area this year, we thought it prudent to relay some tales from the blizzard of 2009. Following are some really good tips to make riding out the storm easier or maybe just a little fun! You wake up snug and warm […]