Hurricanes and the Solace of the Witnesses

Hurricanes and the Solace of the Witnesses By Jeff McCord Last week my wife, accompanied by a knowledgeable friend, left our Blue Ridge cabin refuge to visit St. John and appraise the damage to our home. Ours is fixable. Many aren’t. She aptly described the mood on-island: “There’s so much destruction that one has to […]

Caribbean Recovery Right Around the Corner (Almost)

Caribbean Recovery Right Around the Corner (Almost) By Jeff McCord   Signs of a slow but steady recovery are sprouting across the U.S. Virgin Islands. A month and a half following the direct hit by Hurricane Irma, a de facto Category 6 storm, and the hard grazing by Cat 5 Maria, the mountainsides are greening, […]

Donate to help St. John

St. John Rescue   St. John Rescue a non-profit organization, incorporated on November 30, 1996, is an all-volunteer non-profit organization on the small island of St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands dedicated to providing emergency rescue and medical support services to the St. John’s EMS, Police, Fire, National Park and Health Clinic personnel.   […]

From the Old Town Crier

From the Old Town Crier The US Virgin Islands hold a very soft spot in our hearts, most specially St. John. It is our favorite island getaway. We have long time friends living on the island who lost everything in the after math of both hurricanes Irma and Maria. Some of them transplants from Virginia. […]

Caribbean Apocalypse and Recovery

Caribbean Apocalypse and Recovery By Jeff McCord Natural catastrophes bring out the best and worst in people. Most band together, help others and even risk life and limb to save strangers from harm. A few, though, prey on weak individuals and the weakened society. By any measure, Category Five plus Hurricane Irma inflicted catastrophic damage […]

Virginia, a Base for Caribbean Privateers

By Jeff McCord Virginia, a Base for Caribbean Privateers A hundred years before Blackbeard and Captain Kidd sailed Virgin Island waters in the early 1700s, the first Queen Elizabeth backed privateers whose Caribbean successes made later pirates look like petty thieves.   With accumulated loot from Spanish ports and ships estimated to total more than 120 […]

Citizens and Governments Working Together to Save Caribbean Reefs

By Jeff McCord   Citizens and Governments Working Together to Save Caribbean Reefs   For years we have been “loving to death” a marvelous life form. The good news is that we are learning the errors of our ways in time to make a difference. Coral reefs are constructed by clusters of simple marine animals […]

Revisiting the Hamilton the West Indian (not the Musical)

Revisiting Hamilton the West Indian (not the Musical) By Jeff McCord Clearly, the multi-cultural Caribbean shaped the views and life course of America’s “West Indian founding father.”   Alexander Hamilton’s youthful experiences with Afro-Europeans and varying religious beliefs and laws in a sea of islands controlled by competing nations informed his career. Then, as now, he […]

Dog (and Cat) Days in the Virgin Islands

Dog (and Cat) Days in the Virgin Islands by Jeff McCord “She’s a West Indian sled dog,” I would explain to bewildered island children. “You know, the kind of dog that pulls sleds in the snow and lives with Eskimos.” These were kids who had never seen snow, however. My white Siberian husky, whom I […]

“America’s Paradise” for One Hundred Years

By Jeff McCord “America’s Paradise” for One Hundred Years Down in the islands known as “America’s Paradise,” residents recently observed an important anniversary – one hundred years as part of the United States. On March 31, 1917 the Danish West Indies became the U.S. Virgin Islands following payment to Denmark of $25 million in gold […]