Living Well In Our Advanced Age

Living Well In Our Advanced Age Today we are witnessing unprecedented growth in services to the aging.  And good reason – sources say people over 100 are one of the most rapidly growing demographic groups.   Locally, growth is fueled by a number of trends including a 32% increase in people 50+ over the next […]

How Social Media Comes Together for Animal Welfare

How Social Media Comes Together for Animal Welfare By Ashley Schultz Social media has always been known for its “virality”. For its capacity of blowing things up; for its mass reach. If it spreads on social media, it is big news. Social media also rips apart everyone, be it politicians, celebs, or even high profile […]

From Classical to EDM/ Dance Music – an Interview with G.H. Hat

By Ron Powers From Classical to EDM/ Dance Music – an Interview with G.H. Hat G.H. Hat is a rising star – a multi-genre producer, remixer, composer and performer having released songs in the Classical, EDM, Pop, and Dance Genres. Though he has released over 290 classical tracks, he is best known for his last two releases which have […]

The Farmers Market is Back With a New Twist!

By Lani Gering The Farmers Market Is Back With a New Twist! I was beginning to wonder if we were going to have the Farmers Market back or not since Memorial Day came and went and no sign of a market until the middle of last month. Clinton, Maryland based Miller Farms had the “corner […]

Al Fresco Dining

“Al Fresco Dining” With nice weather finally here, we thought it a good time to check out some of our favorite outdoor dining venues in and around Old Town Alexandria. The phrase “al fresco” is borrowed from Italian for “in the cool air”. Warm days and cool evenings make for a unique experience when it […]

WANTED: MOM…Apply Within

WANTED: MOM…Apply Within By: Caroline Simpson Job Title: Mother. Requirements: must be willing to work overtime for no additional compensation. Necessary Skills: patience, fortitude, and super-human ability to multitask. Salary: none but must be able to provide monthly (at least) payments to clients. Travel: yes – lots. Benefits: bedtime and the one day a year […]

May Pet’s of the Month

Stanley – Boxer, Neutered male, 6 years old Stanley has the cutest little tail and a goofy grin that makes him stand out in the crowd. Although not a fan of other dogs, this country boy LOVES people! He adores pets and affection from his people. And… his favorite people give him treats of course, especially pup-accinos […]

March Comes in Like Aluminum

By Steve Chaconas March Comes in Like Aluminum   And goes out like fiberglass. After spending the last 20 years riding in luxury with two passengers at warp factor Beltway speeds in new 20 foot Skeeter bass boats powered by a 250-horse power Yamaha four stroke outboards, solo days on my wobbly aluminum West Virginia […]

St. Patricks Day Parade 2018!!!!

Alexandria’s 37th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade on March 3 is the First in the DC Region  Classic Car Show and Fun Dog Show Round Out a Day of Festivities   WHAT: 37th Annual Alexandria St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Classic Car Show and Fun Dog Show Visitors and residents are invited to don their green and line King Street in […]

Behind the Bar: Mumtaz Rauf

Mumtaz Rauf Hummingbird 220 South Union Street Old Town Alexandria 703-566-1355           Mumtaz conjures up the Hummingbird Dark and Stormy with Thrashers Tonics & Elixers.   How did you get started in the bartending business?   High hopes of money, women and fame.   What is your biggest bartender pet […]