Bloomers In Old Town

By Lani Gering Bloomers In Old Town Bloo*mers /bloomerz/(Noun) – Women’s loose-fitting knee length underpants, considered old-fashioned. While the name is quite catchy, this Webster’s Dictionary definition of “bloomers” doesn’t necessarily hold true when it comes to this fabulous little store.  I had the pleasure of meeting Nicole White, the relatively new owner of Bloomers […]

Lisa Katic and Wine Gallery 108

By Lani Gering Lisa Katic and Wine Gallery 108 We had the pleasure of meeting the “Chief Wine Taster” from Wine Gallery 108 located here in Old Town Alexandria at a wine tasting event at Society Fair last month. We were on the hunt for some subject material for the January Business Profile and she […]

Society Fair – The Butcher, the Baker and Not Quite the Candlestick Maker!

By Bob Tagert Society Fair – The Butcher, the Baker and Not Quite the Candlestick Maker! We are all such creatures of habit that sometimes we miss what is right under our nose and I am no exception. I live and work a block and a half from Society Fair but never take the time […]

Mystique Jewelers – From Drama to Design

By Lani Gering “At Mystique, we appeal to women who have a strong sense of style, know what they like, and create a jewelry wardrobe. Tradition and uniqueness is my mindset, whether you want to be glamorous or casual the pieces I choose for my collections will capture these desires to cherish for a lifetime.” […]

Random Harvest Home Furnishings

By Lani Gering Random Harvest Home Furnishings “Instant gratification takes too long” – Carrie Fisher Beth Aberg and Random Harvest have been in Old Town Alexandria almost as long as the Old Town Crier has been being published. We are talking almost 30 years. It is quite a feat for a retail business to be […]

Skylark Drone Research – Dr. Tulinda Deegan Larsen Up in the Air and Flying High!

By Bob Tagert Skylark Drone Research – Dr. Tulinda Deegan Larsen Up in the Air and Flying High! Staying with our “seniors” theme for August we thought it appropriate to write about the youngest 64-year-old we know…Dr. Tulinda Deegan Larsen. I am lucky to know Tulinda personally as she is married to one of my […]

Village Hardware in Hollin Hall

By Lani Gering Village Hardware in Hollin Hall I imagine that a good portion of our readership has most likely heard about Village Hardware at some point over the last 39 years. Especially those who live down the GW Parkway and in the Fort Hunt area. This family owned business has been a staple in […]

Lulu Sage – Experience the Difference!

By Lani Gering Lulu Sage – Experience the Difference! Time really flies when you are having fun. I can’t believe that it has been over six years since we first met Cindy Sage and introduced Lulu Sage Salon and Spa to the salon and spa scene here in Old Town Alexandria. Located a bit off […]

The Bittersweet Garden- The Plains

By Bob Tagert The Bittersweet Garden – The Plains With the coming of spring and everyone’s thoughts turning to the outdoors, we thought it proper to write about a store that has inventory that has your garden in mind. After 30 years of delivering Old Town Criers to The Plains, Virginia, I thought it time […]

Grace Executive Service – Take a Ride with Francene

By Lani Gering Grace Executive Service – Take A Ride With Francene! Most of the businesses that we profile here are of the run of the mill retail type with a few entrepreneurial types tossed in the mix. Grace Executive Service falls into the latter category. Arriving in the metro DC area in the fall […]