What’s the big deal about life lines?

Spiritual Renaissance By Peggie Arvidson What’s the big deal about life lines? After 13 years of reading hands professionally the biggest question I hear is about Life Lines. The horrible mistruth that your life line is only about how long you’re going to live is, ironically enough, is dying a slow death. Doing my part […]

9 Lessons from a Life in Hands

By Peggie Arvidson 9 Lessons from a Life in Hands. I just hit a milestone in my hand analysis career (13 years!) and it got me thinking about what I’ve learned in that time. Here are 9 things I’ve learned about business, hands, life and love in the past 13 years: If you’re not happy, […]

What’s Your Brand?

By Peggie Arvidson What’s your brand? This topic has been floating around my head for a while now. It started when I got a call out of the blue to apply for a contract at a big employer in my hometown. I’ve worked for myself for 13 years and the idea of working for a […]

Do You Ever Feel Like You Can’t be Your True Self?

By Peggie Arvidson Do You Ever Feel Like You Can’t be Your True Self? I read hands and have been a professional palmist for more than 13 years. I also talk to animals, listen to messages from Nature, meditate and have a deeply personal practice with A Course in Miracles. These are not necessarily things […]

31 Wishes for 2017

31 Wishes for 2017 By Peggie Arvidson I wish you a year of joy in all circumstances. I know this is a tough wish. And you may not want it for yourself and that’s okay. I wish for you a year with the inner space to know what you want, why you want it and […]

Are you in service or servitude?

By Peggie Arvidson Are you in service or servitude? In the land of hand analysis there is a particular set of fingerprints that translate to being in The School of Service. There are four possible life schools here on Earth: Service, Love, Wisdom and Peace. Some people are double-majors but many have one school that […]

2016: A Year for Making Room

By Peggie Arvidson 2016 : A year for Making Room 2016 is finally winding down and what a year it’s been! I like November for the opportunity to look back at what’s happened so I can start to plan my new year with new wishes, dreams and goals. I say thanks for what’s come along […]

End Miscommunication Using Palmistry

By Peggie Arvidson End Miscommunication Using Palmistry We all have an innate style of communicating and it’s our wish or presumption that everyone else has the same style. Except they don’t. Other people have a way of communicating that is innate to them and can seem alien to us. This is where understanding your heart […]

10 Ways to Remember You are Not Broken

By Peggie Arvidson 10 Ways to Remember You are Not Broken. You are not broken. It’s a hard thing to remember with the hundreds of thoughts that race though my head in any given minute. From berating myself when I miss a turn as I navigate my new city to chastising myself for having that […]

Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams: It’s Easier than you Think!

Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams: It’s Easier than you Think! By the time you read this I will be living in the foothills of the Catalina Mountains in Tucson, AZ! 21 years ago I made my first trip to Arizona and I fell in love. As a Northeastern native, this was a shock and […]