Bye, Bye Winter Blues

Bye, Bye Winter Blues By Kim Putens The holidays are over and the winter blues have set in.  You looked fabulous getting through the season but the hectic schedule and craziness have left you feeling blah.  So, here’s how to survive the winter blues and look good doing it. Take care of your skin.  When […]

Welcome 2021 With a Little Namaste

By Nicole Flanagan Welcome 2021 With a Little Namaste January marks the beginning of a new year, and for most of us that means some type of resolution to do something different for the next twelve months. So far this winter has been rather kind to us and for the most part we have been […]

Five Holiday Skin Sins

Five Holiday Skin Sins By Lauren Bowling Forget Hallmark movies or Christmas trees in Home Depot. I know the holiday season has started when my skin starts freaking out on Black Friday. If you’re like me and experience multiple nasty breakouts every yuletide season, you’re not alone. And while you may wonder, “Is it just the types of […]

Staying on the Fitness Track

By Ryan Unverzagt Staying on the Fitness Track November can be a difficult month to control our eating habits with Thanksgiving being in the way. We seem to let our eyes and stomach get the best of us and give into temptation. So what advice can I give you to stay on the fitness track […]

Working out Through the Holidays

With the cold weather rolling in and the days getting shorter it seems like we all have less time on our hands. With an already jam-packed schedule we tend to skip out on workouts (or stop exercising entirely) and by the time we get to the New Year we all feel compelled to get back […]

Beauty IS Only Skin Deep!

By Kim Putens Beauty IS Only Skin Deep! We all know that the saying is actually “Beauty is not only skin deep” and while that may be true in the big picture, one of the biggest dilemmas for women as they age is maintaining their “beautiful” skin. Do you show your age or not?  Taking […]


By Ryan Unverzagt Balance is the foundation for nearly every movement. We rely on it so much without even thinking twice about it. Balance is utilized during sitting, standing up, walking, climbing stairs, running, and not to mention….exercise, which is why I want to share a few ways to test your balance this month. Let […]

Start Off the Holiday Season by Staying Fit

By Nicole Flanagan Start Off the Holiday Season by Staying Fit October marks the beginning of the holiday seasons. This is the time of year when we start making all those yummy baked goods and delicious homemade soups. Instead of letting all this wonderful food catch up to us this year, let’s make a goal […]

Bodyweight Benefits

By Ryan Unverzagt Bodyweight Benefits Bodyweight training is nothing new, but I would like to discuss how you can integrate this type of training in your fitness routines. For centuries, man utilized his own bodyweight as a means to get stronger for battle which is one reason why our military still uses this type of […]

Fall Back Into Exercise:

By Nicole Flanagan Fall Back Into Exercise: For some of us the fall brings a feeling of renewal.  The changing of seasons can bring a change in your daily routine.  With the kids heading back to school and the holidays just around the corner it may be impossible to find time to exercise.  But what […]