Hate To Be Amazed by The Matlock Twins

By Ron Powers   Hate To Be Amazed by The Matlock Twins I’m a sucker for clever band names. So, when one of my colleagues recently introduced me to a new band called “The Matlock Twins”, I just had to investigate. Once I heard the tunes, the case was closed. This band was guilty… of […]

Dear Artomatic… please come back in 2021!

By F. Lennox Campello   Dear Artomatic… please come back in 2021! That would be the best DMV sign that things are getting back to normal and the end of The Covidian Age. If you are an artist or art lover reading this post, then chances are that you already know what ARTOMATIC is and […]

Stephen King: Things That Go Bump, Eek, and Ook in the Night  

Stephen King: Things That Go Bump, Eek, and Ook in the Night   by Miriam R. Kramer Since officially beginning his career with a short story sold in 1967, the extraordinarily prolific author Stephen King has written more than 60 novels, not to mention multiple screenplays, five non-fiction books, and approximately 200 short stories. His […]

Creep, Genius, Auteur

Creep, Genius, Auteur   By Miriam R. Kramer I just finished reading famed film maker Woody Allen’s memoir, Apropos of Nothing, in which he discusses his life from childhood to his current age of 84. I borrowed it from the library, since as a disillusioned fan, I was not sure I wanted him to receive […]

Let’s Make a Deal….

Gallery Beat By F. Lennox Campello Let’s Make a Deal…. One of the benefits of living in this amazing age of great technology and nanoseconds-fast communications is how easy it is for someone to find you in Al Gore’s Internet.  With that easiness come all kinds of things associated with art, including how easy it […]

Dead Man’s Hand by Bad Flamingo

High Notes By Ron Powers Dead Man’s Hand by Bad Flamingo Bad Flamingo is composed of two nameless female members who wear Lone Ranger style masks and old school western-style clothing. They have the most mysterious and well-developed aesthetic I’ve seen in a band since the White Stripes. Like their image, the music of Bad […]

Holiday Grab Bag

Holiday Grab Bag By Miriam R. Kramer As Christmas and Hanukkah approach, we are looking at a different way of celebrating. We will probably have holiday Zoom parties this year to satisfy social distancing requirements, since we are heading into another wave of the pandemic. Reading is one of the best ways to escape and […]

“Ending 2020”

“Ending 2020” By F. Lennox Campello “God is really only another artist,” once said Picasso, “He invented the giraffe, the elephant, and the ant. He has no real style. He just goes on trying other things.” 2020 has been a brutal year – one that will leave harsh memories in most minds on the planet […]

A Winter’s Tale by Pauline Frechette

By Ron Powers A Winter’s Tale by Pauline Frechette Pauline Frechette has outdone herself on her latest EP. A Winter’s Tale showcases Frechette’s unique aesthetic abilities and captures the feeling of the winter season in a way I’ve never experienced before. For me, the songs on this title express the silent beauty found in nature […]

Alexandria November 2020 Events

November 21st  Tree Lighting Ceremony 2020 Market Square Corner of King and Fairfax Streets Old Town Alexandria On King Street in the heart of Old Town, the City of Alexandria’s 40-foot tree rises tall on Market Square in front of City Hall featuring nearly 40,000 twinkling white lights. With the absence of the Scottish Christmas […]