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By Chris Anderson   Ryan Adams: Prisoner One of the more prolific artists of his generation, Ryan Adams has been cranking out masterpiece after masterpiece ever since his Whiskeytown days, over twenty years ago. Prisoner is his sixteenth solo album and one that often evokes the feel of classic Tom Petty, Bryan Adams, Mellencamp, that […]

Thirty Years Gone

By Chris Anderson   Thirty Years Gone   Easing into 2017, we’re still shocked at the losses the music world suffered in 2016, but still soaking in all the great music that came. As 2017 promises to be quite significant, with many anticipated album releases, I find myself thinking of other landmark years, many of […]

2016: Don’t Let The Door Hit Ya…

2016: Don’t Let The Door Hit Ya…   Well, well, well…that was a doozy of a year, wasn’t it? At least we can say that it brought a wealth of fantastic music. It was tough to keep up, and there are still many important albums I’ve yet to hear. But the ones that turned my […]

One of Those Vinyl Nights….

  By Chris Anderson   One Of Those Vinyl Nights…   After that big release day last month, things have slowed down a bit on the album front. A few things here and there but nothing really to report. So instead, this month we’re going to take a little journey through an evening in my […]

Marillion: F*** Everyone and Run

By Chris Anderson   Marillion: F*** Everyone And Run   On their 19th studio album, Marillion continues to stand in a class all its own. Few bands ever get over the loss of their lead singer – Marillion not only got better for it but here we are, some 27 years (and fifteen albums) later, […]

Summer Roundup

By Chris Anderson   Summer Roundup   2016 has already become legendary, the universe claiming the lives of a seemingly endless number of musical icons. To add further insult, 2016 has not been a benchmark year, as far as recorded music is concerned. Few major artists have released albums this year (that I haven’t already […]

Green & Gold: And Then The New Crow Came

Green & Gold: And Then The New Crow Came Tucked away in the farthest corner of North America is the magnificent island of Newfoundland. You may remember that I spent a summer up there in 2014, soaking up the culture and even laying down some roots. While much of Newfoundland’s music, landscape, and culture is […]

The Monkees: Good Times!

By Chris Anderson   The Monkees: Good Times!   It’s safe to assume that, in 1966, no one could‘ve predicted that The Monkees would be a long-term concern. After all, it was just a silly TV show. Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones, Michael Nesmith, and Peter Tork were hired for their personalities, not their artistry. They […]

Prince Rogers Nelson

By Chris Anderson Prince Rogers Nelson (1958-2016) I barely know where to begin. It’s been over a month since we lost Prince and it still doesn’t feel real. There’ve been far too many losses in the music world lately and while each has affected me in one way or another, none was as shocking or […]

Gravity Understood

By Chris Anderson   Gravity Understood   And here I was thinking that this rash of musician deaths had finally subsided and then came home today to the news of Merle Haggard’s passing. Along with Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings, Merle ushered in a new era of country music, known as “Outlaw Country”. Shedding the […]