Prince Rogers Nelson

By Chris Anderson Prince Rogers Nelson (1958-2016) I barely know where to begin. It’s been over a month since we lost Prince and it still doesn’t feel real. There’ve been far too many losses in the music world lately and while each has affected me in one way or another, none was as shocking or […]

Gravity Understood

By Chris Anderson   Gravity Understood   And here I was thinking that this rash of musician deaths had finally subsided and then came home today to the news of Merle Haggard’s passing. Along with Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings, Merle ushered in a new era of country music, known as “Outlaw Country”. Shedding the […]

Black Mountain: IV

By Chris Anderson   …and so 2016 continues its hard slog, claiming musical legends at every turn. Just today we learned of the passing of Malik Taylor, better known as Phife Dawg. Along with Q-Tip, Phife led A Tribe Called Quest, one of the most influential hip-hop groups to emerge in the 1990’s. Originally part […]

Tributes and Astonishments

By Chris Anderson Tributes And Astonishments 2016 continues to move along and, unfortunately the music world continues to lose some of its most beloved legends. While we were still mourning the sudden losses of Lemmy, David Bowie, and Glenn Frey, news came down the pike that Paul Kantner, founder of Jeffersons Airplane & Starship, passed […]

Out Of The Gate

By Chris Anderson   Out Of The Gate   So 2016 has started off with quite a bang in the music world. And that bang is both positive and also quite tragic. Just before the turn of the New Year, we lost the great Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister, founder of Motörhead. One of the few characters […]

Dave Ihmels: The Severe Angels

  By Chris Anderson   Dave Ihmels: The Severe Angels   The DC-area music scene is an odd one. Sure, we have Go-Go and Hardcore, and we had the Arlington “Teen Beat”/”Simple Machines” bands of the 90s, but we’ve never really had that trademark stamp like New Orleans, Austin, Athens, Nashville, Seattle, San Francisco, etc. […]

Chris Squire

By Chris Anderson Chris Squire (1948-2015) Rock & roll has a tendency to claim lives and it often claims them young. It’s terrible to think about but it always has, all the way back to Buddy Holly and Eddie Cochran, through Hendrix, Joplin, and Morrison, all the way to the Cobains and Winehouses of more […]

Panic on the Street!

By Chris Anderson   PANIC ON THE STREET   Widespread Panic: Street Dogs   As Widespread Panic enters their fourth decade as a band, they cap off their first thirty years with a mighty bang. Taking their freewheeling spirit all the way back to its core, WSP recorded their 12th album, Street Dogs live in […]

1983: A Year In Your Ear

By Chris Anderson I was having a conversation with my friend Darren the other night and we started talking about great years in music. Some years that came to mind were 1967, 1972, 1987, 1994, and even 2012, but the one that sparked the most discussion was 1983. That was the year that saw many […]

My SAGA Saga

By Chris Anderson It’s no secret – I love music. I love everything about it. I love discovering new music and championing some artist long before they’re relevant. Even more so, I love discovering some band or artist who is so late in their career that they are often far past relevance, but boasting a […]