Gallery Beat

By F. Lennox Campello If you have read this column regularly over the years, then you know that around this time I am always harping about the importance for artists and art dealers/galleries to explore and then have a presence at one of the reputable fairs in Miami during Art Basel week (which is usually […]


By F. Lennox Campello Artomatic, the planet’s greatest open visual arts show is back (through December 9), this time in Montgomery County, Maryland. And, because this is the smallest Artomatic ever (by Artomatic standards anyway) since it only has about 380 artists, it was perhaps the easiest to see. I’ll start with work that caught […]

Gallery Beat

By F. Lennox Campello A good exercise for all practicing artists should be to make an end-of-year favorite Top 10 art shows that you saw during the year. That is important, because a key part of being an artist is to attend multiple and diverse art shows. This is not only good networking, and good […]

Life of an Art Dealer

By F. Lennox Campello   Since I opened my first gallery in 1996, as an art dealer, I had rarely worked with “art consultants” or “interior decorators” via the physical gallery space That changed dramatically once I started doing art fairs about a decade ago, but even then, the “art consulting” business, at least in […]

Sedi Pak

By F. Lennox Campello One of the great things of Al Gore’s Internet is the powerful ability to see artwork of all kinds and varieties, and I must admit that I am quite hooked on that valuable toolset – both as an artist and as a writer. Sometimes that search comes from friends and other […]

A guerrilla technique for saving money on framing costs

By F. Lennox Campello According to some stats that I read a few years ago in a framing trade magazine, the average cost of framing in the Greater DC region was $75 an hour. It’s probably more than that now. Other than time, framing two-dimensional work is often the most expensive step in organizing an […]

Gallery Beat

By F. Lennox Campello I am often asked, usually by friends outside the art cabal, and by people who become interested in collecting art, but have never collected artwork, what they should “collect.” “What should I buy Lenster?” “How do I start?” And thus, I would like to answer this question in this month’s column. […]

Gallery Beat

By F. Lennox Campello I am often asked by people who become interested in collecting art, but have never collected artwork, what they should “collect.” Many years ago, I formed an opinion based on empirical observations, that here are really only two rules to start an art collection: (1) Collect what you like, and (2) […]

Gallery Beat

By F. Lennox Campello I once read a piece written by a gallery owner which noted that she “often wonders how other galleries are dealing with artists who have gallery representation but continue to self-promote.” She then noted that she had “been known to secret shop gallery represented artists. I contact them through their emails […]


By F. Lennox Campello As you may imagine, after having written about DMV area artists for almost three decades, like most art critics, I am usually bombarded with emails, news releases, post cards, letters (yep! old fashion snail mail) and other assorted paraphernalia designed to let me know that an artist is showing somewhere. And […]