The Art Gallery…a Fragile Labor of Love

By F. Lennox Campello The Art Gallery…a Fragile Labor of Love Art galleries (according to the US Chamber of Commerce from the last time that I examined the subject) are the second most likely business in the USA to fail (first is restaurants). John Pancake, a good friend and a former Washington Post Arts editor […]

An Art Non-Profit Discovers the 21st Century

By F. Lennox Campello This month this column is just going to re-address some thoughts about our DMV area non-profits – an idea which I’ve been venting on about for years. The Art League in Alexandria is not only one of our area’s largest artists’ organization, with over 1,200 members, but also a jewel in […]

Zophie King or the Importance of a Good Art Work Ethic

By F. Lennox Campello Zophie King or the Importance of a Good Art Work Ethic Ever wondered how to maximize the attention that your art work gets from the press, galleries, and museum curators? Or how to present your work in a professional manner and save money in the process? How to tap into grants, […]

“True Stories from the Gallery World”

By F. Lennox Campello “True Stories from the Gallery World” “True Stories from the Gallery World” should be a book written by me about some of the most interesting, sometimes even weird experiences that I’ve had since I started selling art – initially my own art school assignments at the Pike Place Market in Seattle […]


By F. Lennox Campello Artmosphere I’m one of those dwindling number of people who had a significant existence before Al Gore invented the Internet; was right there at the inception of it; bought Amazon at $5 a share (technically my wife did – I bought Commodore); and have developed right along the spectacular “spread” of […]

Back to the Future: Queer Glass

Gallery Beat By F. Lennox Campello Back to the Future: Queer Glass For the last few years I’ve been hearing this “new” (at least new to me) art term “Queer Glass” all over the glass artmosphere of our art planet –  I am told and have learned that the term is used to describe fine art glass […]

Santiago Is My Pick

By F. Lennox Campello Santiago Is My Pick In 2005, the Bethesda Painting Awards were established by local DMV business owner and art collector Carol Trawick. Ms. Trawick has served as a community activist for more than 25 years in downtown Bethesda and established The Jim and Carol Trawick Foundation in 2007. She is the […]

Out with the Old, In with the New

By F Lennox Campello In the thousand years or so that I’ve been writing this column, I’ve discussed the various types of galleries that make up a city’s art tapestry: commercial, non-profits and collectives. There was a halcyon time a decade plus ago when the streets of Alexandria, Bethesda, and even the District were paved […]

I Went to Art School a Long Time Ago…

By F. Lennox Campello To me it was not only one of the most interesting parts of my education as an artist, but also my first taste of what happens when artists immerse and surround themselves by other artists, as art students are forced by the nature of the beast, at art school. I started […]

The Evolution of Michaela Japec

By F. Lennox Campello For the fifth year, the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Old Town Alexandria, still somewhat reeling from the city’s takeover of all operations at the building, selected four emerging artists to participate in the Factory’s Post-Grad Residency Program: J Houston, Michaela Japec, Nava Levenson, and Kim Sandara. The jurors were Nicole […]