Alexandria Cars & Coffee

By Bob Tagert On July 26th, I attended my first Alexandria Cars & Coffee event at TJ Stones restaurant. I was familiar with this event since I have a few friends who bring their antique/historic cars to these gatherings. This was the first one at TJ’s and it was well attended. Cars range from new […]

Are You Prepared for a Financial Emergency?

By Carl Trevison and Stephen Bearce Are You Prepared for a Financial Emergency? Mother Nature certainly has grabbed her fair share of headlines the past few years. From blazing wildfires in California to devastating floods in the Midwest, from massive hurricanes along the coasts to sweeping tornadoes across the Plains—millions have been affected by the […]

On the Road

The OTC has gone to the dog(s)…days of summer. Longtime Alexandria resident, friend and animal lover, Pam Schiffleger relives the memories of the August 2019 issue with her friends pooch on the cover with her border collies – Tripp and Storm – on a sunny afternoon at home in Del Ray.

The Annual Dog Days of Summer Solutions…For Your Face!

By Kim Putens The Annual Dog Days of Summer Solutions…For Your Face! During the dog days of summer, most of us need a pick me up to our beauty routines.  Forget the spa and save some money by giving yourself an at home facial.   Here are some easy steps on how to get a […]

What’s On The TV? By Blackaby

High Notes By Ron Powers What’s On The TV? By Blackaby Every now and then I like to do a musical deep dive and scour the internet for hardly-heard-of gems written by obscure musicians that I think deserve more ears to please. This month I’m bringing you a lovely two minute and eight second treat […]

First Time Africa: Top Tips for Picking the Right Destination for You – Part 1 – Budget Holidays and Safaris

By Scott Dicken First Time Africa: Top Tips for Picking the Right Destination for You – Part 1 – Budget Holidays and Safaris I often get asked by friends and family what my top choices would be for a first-time traveler to Africa and to be honest I find it a massively daunting question. Not […]

Federals Fishing

By Steve Chaconas Federals Fishing Fort Hunt High School is legendary in Northern Virginia, and in many cases around the world. Known for exemplary academic performance and world champion high school marching band, its alumni stick together. There’s something about the bonds created in the land owned by George Washington’s Mount Vernon and in the […]

Dining Out….Or Not!

By the Gastronomes Dining Out….Or Not! Just like many of the other standard columns published in the OTC, this column has taken on a new personality since the pandemic hit the area. We no longer feel like we can single out any one particular restaurant to profile when they “all” need all of the extra […]

Baby It’s Hot Outside!

by Judy Eichner Baby It’s Hot Outside! While we can’t exactly do a lot of traveling these days, when traveling through North or South America, Southern Italy and/or Provence in France in the warm and hot weather you will find many restaurants with a variety of cold soups on the menu. This is especially true […]

August 28th – 57th Anniversary of the March On Washington

History Written by ©2020 Sarah Becker Copyright ©2020 Sarah Becker August 28th – 57th Anniversary of the March On Washington “The liberty attained by that soul which is converted from evil by the influence of Divine love, is the only liberty which truly deserves the name,” Quaker minister, abolitionist and Alexandria apothecary Edward Stabler wrote […]