Protect Your Landscape from Hungry Critters

By Melinda Myers Protect Your Landscape from Hungry Critters While you’re busy filling your landscape with beautiful flowers and scrumptious vegetables, the deer, rabbits and other wildlife are watching and waiting to move in to dine.  Don’t lose your beautiful investment to hungry animals.  Be proactive in keeping wildlife at bay, so you can grow […]

A Fond Farewell

By Peggie Arvidson A Fond Farewell “Someone asked me, Aren’t you worried about the state of the world? I allowed myself to breathe and then I said, What is most important is not to allow your anxiety about what happens in the world to fill your heart. If your heart is filled with anxiety, you […]

When We Need it the Most!

When We Need it the Most! By Ashley Rosson Let us talk about some good things, I’ve compiled some of the best “feel good” social media stories to let us escape the “beer” virus. Facebook helped save a 3-year-old’s vision. After Tara Taylor uploaded a photo of her daughter, Rylee, to Facebook, a friend reached out about […]

Think twice before adding a live animal to your Easter basket!

Think twice before adding a live animal to your Easter basket! By Cindy McGovern Sure, it’s adorable; an Easter basket with a baby rabbit, chick, or duckling peeking out.  Who wouldn’t want one?  Well, once the novelty and initial cuteness wear off, many people. According to the House Rabbit Society, rabbits are the third most […]

Pets of the Month

Since March 17, the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria has been operating by appointment only to prevent large groups of people gathering at the Vola Lawson Animal Shelter. This may change depending on what is recommended as safest for our staff, volunteers and the community, so you can find our current status or set up an appointment […]

Interview With The Easter Bunny…Uncut

By Old Town Crier Interview With The Easter Bunny…Uncut With the onset of COVID-19 we weren’t able to conduct a face to face interview with any of the cool people in our region so we went to the internet for a bit of help. This file was submitted by Lanette Curington to the Lauderdale County […]

Live Your Beach Life

By Lori Welch Brown Live Your Beach Life In 2018, XXL and I were able to realize our dream of purchasing a second home near the ocean. We love it.  I mean, what’s not to love about being 250 steps from waves breaking on the sand? We are both native Alexandrians.  We love our city—especially […]

On The Road

Former Alexandrian, Captain Brian Buzzell, USN (retired) spent 3 weeks in the Philippines visiting some of his old stomping grounds where he used to race Columbia 22’s out of the Subic Naval Base Yacht Club 1991-92. This picture was taken at the Old US Naval Station Subic Bay at the Subic Bay Yacht Club. We are […]

Easter Lamb….Shanks!

By Charles Oppman Easter Lamb….Shanks! With Easter around the corner it’s time to break out the lamb recipes. When we think spring lamb, most of think of that boneless roast or a bone-in leg, but let’s try something different. Of course, French cut lamb shops are wonderful, but expensive and are short on flavor. Why […]

Cyber Fishing

By Steve Chaconas Cyber Fishing National bass fishing magazines used to be the end all source for fishing information. The best writers and photographers shared secrets of the pros, the top 10 ways to fish any technique, and strategies for every season. These collections provided resources to improve angling success. However, the top publication, Bassmasters […]