Earth Day 2021- “Restore Our Earth”

Earth Day 2021 -“Restore Our Earth!” We believe that most of you who are reading this will agree with us here at the Old Town Crier that EVERY day should be Earth Day, however, April 22nd of each year since 1970 has been the designated day to pay extra homage to our beautiful planet. We […]

An Interview with Mother Nature

An Interview with Mother Nature New York Times foreign affairs columnist, Thomas L. Friedman, shares what the environment can teach us about thriving in an age of disruption in a conversation with James Manyika about his interview with Mother Nature. Thomas L. Friedman: Thinking about climate change, “good” or “bad” are not in my vocabulary because [it’s] […]

Virginia’s Exploding Micro Meadery Scene

By Matt Fitzsimmons Virginia’s Exploding Micro Meadery Scene This past February, Silver Hand Meadery was awarded 6 gold medals during the 2021 Virginia Governor’s Cup wine competition, tying for the 2nd highest gold medal tally of any winery, cidery, or meadery in the state. While this haul surprised many in the wine industry, in retrospect […]

A Boot or a Camera….

By Scott Dicken A Boot or a Camera…. Have you ever dreamt of spending the afterlife buried in a giant shoe? Perhaps you’d prefer a luminous orange fish, or a miniature Boeing 767? I thought not. Nonetheless, those are just some of the infinite fantasy coffin options on offer in the Ghanaian suburb of Teshie; […]

April Showers……Bring May Flowers

April Showers….. At long last, spring has arrived! (or has it?) As you look out upon your garden, does the nagging question of “where do I even begin” sound familiar? There is so much to do in every corner of the yard this month that it is difficult to know where to start. In our […]

Pets of the Month – April 2021

Pets of the Month – April 2021 Cola, Adult, Female, Yellow-Bellied Slider Looking for a best friend who loves to explore? A best friend who loves working on target training and is always ready to earn a treat? Meet Cola the turtle! Yes, turtle! This sweet slider is ready to steal your heart with her silly […]

Are We There Yet?

By Lori Welch Brown Are We There Yet? Has everyone received their vaccines?  Some of you are on the fence, and I get it.  It’s been a scary year, and all this pandemic stuff is unprecedented, not to mention confusing.  It’s hard to know what to do, when to do it, and where to do […]

“Don’t Walk Away” by The Heavy Hours

By Ron Powers “Don’t Walk Away” by The Heavy Hours Every month I try to talk about music that I love. Sometimes the pickings are slim and sometimes not. This month I’m happy to say that a band called The Heavy Hours have made my job very easy. In July of last year, they released […]

Climate Change – It’s a Gas, Gas, Gas….

History Written by ©2021 Sarah Becker                                                             Climate Change – It’s a Gas, Gas, Gas…. “Climate change threatens all weather patterns,” John Kerry, special presidential envoy for climate said on February 19,2021.  “The planet is warming in large part because of greenhouse gas emissions that are pumped into the sky from power plants, cars, planes […]

A Rite of Spring – Pasta Primavera

By Charles Oppman A Rite of Spring – Pasta Primavera Now that spring is in full swing we’re likely to see the seasonal springtime dish pasta primavera on Italian restaurant menus across America. It just makes sense―the word primavera means “spring” in Italian. But what is pasta primavera exactly, and what’s its culinary history? Let’s […]