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 On the Road

Look who took the Old Town Crier to his homeland! Shaun Sheehan and his lovely and talented wife Barbera toured Europe in August with the OTC in hand. They started in London, then France, Germany, a stop in Amsterdam then Ireland and finally landed in Dublin on their way back to Alexandria. Of course, this pub was a block from their hotel and Barbara said, “I couldn’t drag Shaun away!” Imagine that.  Lots of Sheehan’s in Ireland!

If you would like to see your photo in this space in print and online, take an OTC with you, snap a couple of shots of someone reading it in a fun place and send it to office@oldtowncrier.com. Be sure to put “On the Road” in the subject line, include information for the caption and your mailing address so we can get you a hard copy for your scrap book.

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