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It’s “Wabbit” Season

By Glenn Morel

In the heart of the autumn season, I embarked on a precarious rabbit hunt. What started as an exciting pursuit soon transformed into a culinary adventure, resulting in a delicious fall stew recipe that captured the essence of the season’s flavors.

Equipped with determination and enthusiasm, I ventured into the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountain countryside, eagerly anticipating a successful rabbit hunt. However, the rabbits proved to be elusive, leading me on a wild chase through rock fields and forests. The thrill of the pursuit combined with the natural beauty of the surroundings created an unforgettable experience, even if my initial goal proved challenging to achieve.

Although my rabbit hunt may not have yielded the desired results, fate had a different plan in store for me. As I regrouped after a long day, a local farmer generously shared his family’s cherished fall stew recipe with me. Filled with hearty ingredients like root vegetables, aromatic herbs, and a hint of warming spices, this stew perfectly captured the essence of the season.

Eager to make the most of this unexpected turn of events, I gathered the required ingredients and set to work in the kitchen. Chopping vegetables, marinating the rabbit (so, maybe it was Squirrel) meat, and carefully blending spices, the aromas of the stew filled the room, creating an atmosphere of anticipation and satisfaction. As the stew simmered on the stove, the flavors melded together, creating a rich and comforting dish that promised to warm my soul on a chilly autumn evening.

As the stew neared completion, I couldn’t help but marvel at the transformation that had taken place. What had started as a challenging rabbit hunt had evolved into a culinary adventure, where the flavors and experiences intertwined. When the stew was finally ready, I sat under the trees savoring each spoonful. The tender “rabbit” meat, combined with the earthy vegetables and fragrant spices, created a symphony of flavors that perfectly captured the essence of fall.

Sometimes, the most extraordinary experiences arise from unexpected circumstances.  My precarious rabbit hunt turned into a delightful culinary journey, resulting in a fall stew recipe that embodied the spirit of the season. It serves as a reminder to embrace the unpredictability of life, for it may lead us to unexpected and delectable destinations.

Basically, I googled and made Brunswick stew. Go buy a chicken and try it.

About the Author: Glenn Morel is a producer turned chef. His website is www.ifihadachef.com. With experience in restaurants from Florida to Manhattan, he specializes in bringing his clients their very own personal chef for any special event. In addition to private parties of 12 (or more-or-less), he also offers catering for small and large groups. Chef Glenn works with you to create a customized menu and first-class event.  He brings culinary professionals with him that dress appropriately and are experienced in handling food. They are also often trained mixologists and fine dining servers.

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