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Pets of the Month – January 2023

By Gina Hardter


If your new year’s resolution is to be more mindful, then 3-year-old Baby is happy to help you achieve your dreams!  Baby is all about the calm and quiet, and she’d love a household where her future family takes it slow and low.  If your New Year’s Eve is less fireworks and more falling asleep to a marathon of Cake Boss, then Baby is the girl for you.  Email or call 703.746.4774 to schedule time to meet Baby from her foster home.


Grover’s new year’s resolution is to get more exercise…although he’ll admit he already gets a fair amount of exercise.  But too much exercise can never be a bad thing, right?  It’s just more ways to keep your brain and your body in great shape.  Plus, there are all kinds of fun exercises, from Fetch to Chase to learning new tricks, and Grover is happy to do them all with his future family.  Schedule time to meet Grover by emailing or calling 703.746.4774.


New year’s resolution Number One for Thumper?  Stop getting confused with that rabbit from Bambi. They don’t even look alike.  New Year’s resolution Number 2? Find a new home where he can get all the hay and apple sticks he can dream of.  Resolution number three?  Learn how to replace a car tire.  It’s sure to come in handy someday, right?  Help Thumper achieve at least one of his resolutions and schedule time to meet him by emailing or calling 703.746.4774.

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