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Behind the Bar: Mumtaz Rauf

Mumtaz Rauf


220 South Union Street

Old Town Alexandria








Mumtaz conjures up the Hummingbird Dark and Stormy with Thrashers Tonics & Elixers.


How did you get started in the bartending business?


High hopes of money, women and fame.


What is your biggest bartender pet peeve?


When I say “Hello, how are you?” and they say “Vodka and tonic.”


What is the cleverest line anyone has ever used to get you to give them a free drink?


Dropping the big boss’s name. Not exactly clever.


What is the best/worst pickup line you have overheard at the bar?


“Wanna make out?” Now, I’ve seen this one go both ways.


Tell us about an interesting encounter you have had with a customer(s).


New Years Eve – the ball just dropped in NYC and a very attractive bar guest turns to me and says,“Wanna make out?”


If you could sit down and have a drink with anyone in the world, past or present, who would that be?


Bob Marley….and I am pretty sure we would do more than just have a drink.


Mumtaz is behind the bar on Monday and Wednesday nights.


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