Summer Vacation: Traveling With Your Pet

Summer Vacation: Traveling With Your Pet By Sarah Liu   April showers have brought those May flowers, and vacation season is upon us! Adventure awaits, but pet parents have special considerations before packing up and heading out. Staying or Going? When deciding whether Fido or Fluffy is joining you on the road, consider the comfort and safety of your pet. When it comes to travel, cats and dogs are different. Cats thrive on stability and relish the comfort of their home and routines. They don’t respond well to stress, get motion sickness easily, and really like their own stuff. By contrast, most dogs love a good adventure. They feel best interacting with their “pack” and adapt well when sharing new experiences. Planes, Trains, or Automobiles? By Car However you travel, your safety and your pet’s take priority. In cars, pets should ride in the back seat for minimal distraction to the driver. Neither cats nor dogs should be allowed to roam free. While crating is safest, many dogs can be trained to sit or lie in the back seat. For uncrated dogs, obedience is critical. Invest in training, and practice commands. Don’t travel with your uncrated dog until he or she recognizes your leadership and can remain calm and seated. Unlike dogs, most cats don’t respond well to verbal commands. They should always travel in carriers. Choose a good-quality model with proper ventilation and comfortable padding. Prevent jostling by securing the carrier with seatbelts and additional cushions. Remember: cats get stressed easily. Don’t play loud music, and avoid road rage. Cover the carrier with breathable fabric to minimize stressful sights and bright lights. Take your dog for leashed walks to stretch the legs and reduce hyperactivity. Cats will benefit from contact and reassurance from petting or grooming. Some cats can … Continue reading Summer Vacation: Traveling With Your Pet