End Miscommunication Using Palmistry

By Peggie Arvidson End Miscommunication Using Palmistry We all have an innate style of communicating and it’s our wish or presumption that everyone else has the same style. Except they don’t. Other people have a way of communicating that is innate to them and can seem alien to us. This is where understanding your heart […]

No Fishing on the Potomac River

By Steve Chaconas   No Fishing on the Potomac River Catch and Return or no fishing areas were defeated in last month’s Maryland Department of Natural Resources (MDDNR) Black Bass Advisory Subcommittee (BBAS). On the table were possible open-ended closures of entire creeks like Piscataway and portions of other Potomac and Upper Chesapeake Bay creeks. […]

And in the Dust be Equal Made

By Bonnie Browning And in the Dust be Equal Made References to the theme of “Death as the Great Equalizer” abound throughout literature and history. Nowhere is it more relevant than in the purpose and meaning of the Mexican holiday we celebrate adjacent to Halloween, Dia de los Muertos (or Day of the Dead). As […]

Comparing IRA Choices: Roth vs. Traditional

By Carl Trevison and Stephen Bearce   Comparing IRA Choices: Roth vs. Traditional   Which one is right for you?   With the decline of corporate pensions and the aging U.S. population putting stress on the Social Security system, the burden of saving and planning for retirement falls increasingly on individuals. This is especially true […]

King Street Cats Adoption Calendar for October 2016

King Street Cats Adoption Calendar for October 2016     For details please see our Website: http://www.kingstreetcats.org Or contact us via email at: contact@kingstreetcats.org   King Street Cats 25 Dove Street, Alexandria, VA 22314 Every Saturday and Sunday from 1.30pm-4.30pm   Pro Feed Bradlee Shopping Center, 3690 King St, Alexandria, VA 22302 Every Saturday and […]

Welcome Home! How to Introduce a New Pet

Welcome Home! How to Introduce a New Pet   By Sarah Liu and Steph Selice   Humans who love their pets often want more than one. How can we help our animals make new friends at home so everyone will be happy?   To learn about how to handle pet introductions, we talked with Janet […]

Life of an Art Dealer

By F. Lennox Campello   Since I opened my first gallery in 1996, as an art dealer, I had rarely worked with “art consultants” or “interior decorators” via the physical gallery space That changed dramatically once I started doing art fairs about a decade ago, but even then, the “art consulting” business, at least in […]

Three Fox Vineyards

By Frank Britt   THREE FOX VINEYARDS A Bit of Tuscany in the Heart of Hunt Country Delaplane, Virginia   At the entrance to Three Fox Vineyards are three stone foxes–Giovanni, Della and Milano. Why Italian names? Because the winery is a bit of Tuscany in the heart of Northern Virginia’s hunt country, offering visitors […]

Growing our sip!

By Doug Fabbioli Growing our sip! Since October is Virginia Wine Month, I can get a little reflective on the growth and evolution of our industry. We have come a long way from the 70 or so farm wineries that we had back in 1997. The acreage planted has gone up substantially as well as […]

Northern Fauquier County- Wine and Dine

By Bob Tagert   Northern Fauquier County Wine and Dine   With the first touch of fall in the air, we decided to take a trip to northern Fauquier County here in Virginia and visit a few of the towns and some of Virginia’s best wineries…after all, October is Virginia Wine Month. This year will […]