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Fragrance: What to Wear and How to Wear It

By Kim Putens

Fragrance: What to Wear and How to Wear It.

perfume-bottleThe smell of spring is in the air. With the smell of spring brings about the desire to try a new fragrance. Switching to a new fragrance in the warmer months is like shedding our heavy winter clothes.  I’ve even heard of fragrance referred to as woman’s clothing.  And, the type of fragrance notes chosen are referred to anything from a spring dress to a fur coat.  Since we are all ready to put our fur coats away after this historic winter, allow me to guide you toward your “spring dress” and teach you how best to wear it.

What to Wear – Warmer months call for lighter fragrance notes – floral, citrus, and clean are most common.  Floral is by far the most popular fragrance category.  It becomes even more popular when the temperatures rise. Consider floral notes such as gardenia, orange blossom, lily, rose and peony. These are most often found in fragrances.  In fact, Casablanca lily is the most popular fragrance note sought out by customers.

Citrus Notes  – orange is too fruity, grapefruit too ordinary.  But, bergamot, bitter orange, and mandarin are just right.  For a greener smell, look for fragrances that pair citrus notes with green leafy notes.  Some examples of common combinations are verbena, lemon and cedar or lemon, basil and oak.  Because citrus notes tend to evaporate quickly, pairing them with woody notes will make them last longer.

Ozonic (or clean) Notes – When sniffed, these fragrances are reminiscent of the seashore or fresh water.  Most often people will refer to them as clean and fresh.  The scent will remind them of a breeze coming off the ocean or the way we expect a summer breeze to smell.  When mixed with floral notes, these ozonic fragrances gain more depth, last longer and are unique.

How to Wear It – Believe it or not, there are many ways to apply a fragrance to ensure maximum impact for the occasion or event in which you are wearing it.  For day, the objective is to smell good and leave behind in your path a waif of your scent.  It’s not meant to overpower those around you, but make you feel elegant and sophisticated. The movement of our body throughout the day makes a fragrance rise which makes it important to apply it low on the body.  Behind the knees, on the wrists and even applied to your skirt or pants will ensure the fragrance rises and lingers as you move throughout the day.

Night brings out a different objective for fragrance.  Sensuality is usually associated with applying a fragrance at night. To create the allure of fragrance at night, proper placement is of utmost importance.  Target areas of sensuality such as behind the ears, around the neck, and on the hair.

There is also the decadent way of applying fragrance.  We all need a little decadence every once in a while. Keep in mind, unless you want to replace your perfume bottles often, apply your fragrance with decadence on rare occasions.  The decadent approach is to spritz an area in front of your body and walk through it.  This approach allows the fragrance to settle lightly on the skin and clothing.  In order to be effective, you must spritz a fair amount of fragrance before you walk through it.

Finally, some general rules about applying fragrance.  Hold the fragrance bottle a minimum of 5-7 inches away from the body and mist it over you.  Spray each area only once.  If the body or clothing is “wet” after spraying, then you’ve held it too close.

Enjoy the art of choosing a new spring fragrance and applying it with decadence!

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