Old Town Crier

All About Headlines

By Peggie Arvidson

Headlines can cause all kinds of heart ache for the modern human. The longer your headline, the more time you like to spend in your head. This is useful if you’re using that brainpower to determine the order of specific steps for a particular project – let’s say – launching your new group coaching program. This is NOT so useful for trying to determine what your new group coaching program should focus on.

Headlines don’t necessarily like to be tied down to a particular focus.

This is because, much like the ego, the headline thinks it runs the show when it comes to your life.

It does not.

Your inner being, what I often refer to as soul runs the show while you show up here on Earth in your body suit.  Your inner being doesn’t really give a hot damn whether or not you ever launch a group coaching program, or what it’s about. Your inner being is funny like that. Still, it’s willing to go along to get along and often that means following the whims of your headline.

I realize I’m making it sound like your headline is running the show and that you somehow have the ability to change your headline. So let me specify a few things. 1) your headline can change over the duration of your life if you put concerted effort into the way you use and implement your brain. 2) Your headline has gotten where it is today because of the way you’ve been using and feeling about your brain and processing capabilities. 3) There is no such thing as a good headline or a bad headline – they simply are, what they are. 4) The point is to learn how to use the power of your particular headline for good.

To make it a little more clear, here’s a picture of a headline.


The headline begins between the thumb and first finger. In this photo it ends in two spots where the red arrows are on the outer edge of the hand.

This photo only shows you where a headline starts and can stop. Yours will be different.

Let’s get back to the point, people with long headlines spend a great deal of time in their heads.

This means if you have a long headline you may:

These are just a few of the very real headaches for people with long headlines.

If you’ve got one of these long headlines, I’ll bet you’d like a quick fix, wouldn’t you?

But even if I told you about one, you’d do more research, and try a number of different approaches and then decide that you aren’t ready to commit to any of them.

That may have been a bit mean, but as the owner of a pair of long headlines myself, it also made me laugh.

Long headlines are GOOD for a number of things. The key is to focus on those places in your life where data and systems are useful and put your headline to work there. That means commit to a course of action. Decide to launch that new group coaching program – set a date and a topic and then use your headline to organize the course materials and systematize the launch calendar!

You are not doomed to sleepless nights if you have a long headline, you simply want to tap into the best ways to let it work for your inner being.