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First Blush October 2014

Are you lip locked with your lipstick….or wish you were?  Are you convinced there is a conspiracy to make your lipstick fade quickly?  Well, you’re not alone.  The most frequently asked questions are: HOW do I make my lipstick stay on longer…WHAT is the longest wearing lipstick?  In reality we are all simply in the dark about the different types of lipsticks and their “wearability”.  Let me shed some light.

So, what is the longest wearing lipstick?  Well, I wish I could say it is Brand X in so and so color.  It’s just not that easy, but it is simple to understand how to find the longest wearing lipstick.  Lip color is generally broken down into three categories – lip gloss, sheer lipsticks and matte lipsticks.   Lip gloss does not wear long.  It isn’t meant to and it usually doesn’t have enough color to stain the lips. They only offer a hint of color balanced with a lot of shine.   They are perfect for the woman that doesn’t like the look of lipstick or the trouble of putting it on, but wants a little color to brighten her lips.  Lip gloss is also perfect for drier, chapped lips because all that ‘glossy shine’ instantly makes the lips look moist.

Sheer lipsticks are the next category of lipsticks.  These have really accelerated in popularity in recent years.  Almost every major brand of cosmetics has a collection of sheer lipsticks.  Sheer lipsticks come in a traditional lipstick tube, but they don’t pack as much color punch as a traditional matte lipstick.  These sheer alternatives are usually lighter weight, moisturizing, and a lighter pigment than a matte counterpart.   Sheer lipsticks wear a little longer than lip gloss, but not much.  If you do have a favorite lipstick color but don’t always want the look of a severe lip, there is probably a sheer alternative.  These sheer lipsticks also make it easier to switch from the office to the soccer field without having to completely change your look.

The last category of lipstick is the matte lipstick.  Think of this as the gold standard of long wearing lipstick.  Matte lipsticks are the longest wearing lipstick regardless of the brand.  Since they don’t have any moisturizing ingredients, the color almost ‘sticks’ to the lips.  The pigments are also typically deeper and richer.   The deeper colors combined with a lack of moisturizing ingredients makes the lipstick last much longer on the lips.  So, the longest wearing matte lipstick is one that is darker or deeper in color.  A deep red matte will last longer than a bubble gum pink.  The only problem with matte lipsticks is that they make the lip look dry.  If you suffer from chronically chapped lips, you might want to consider layering your matte lipstick over a good lip moisturizer and add a dab of lip gloss.

Now that we all know which type of lipstick stays on longer, let’s now solve the mystery of HOW to make your lipstick stay on longer.  The obvious first answer is to choose a matte lipstick.  However, there are a few tricks to making any lipstick stay on longer.  First, take a little face primer and pat it on your lips.  Your foundation with a little powder over it will do the trick too.  Next, line your lips with a lip liner that is the same color as your lipstick.  Take that liner and color in your lips.  Make sure to stay in the lines.  Now, apply a matte lipstick over the liner.  Remember, if you choose a darker color, it has a better chance of lasting longer.

The next step is to blot your lips with a tissue or, even better, a piece of paper.  Paper is preferred because it won’t leave any tissue residue.  Now, go ahead and apply another layer of your lipstick color.  Finally, finish off your look with a little lip gloss to make the lips look less dry.   Voila!  You now know the trick to making lipstick stay on longer.

Keep in mind, ladies, if you are a lip licker or can’t go five minutes without drinking something, you will have to reapply your lipstick, lip gloss, or sheer lipstick more often.

Publishers Note: This is a reprint from October 2008 First Blush – amazing how some things remain the same!

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