Hunt Country Estates Open their Stable Doors to the Public!

How can you not feel energized by new green leaves and grass, colorful bulbs, pink and white dogwoods, azaleas and all the brilliant beauty of spring in Virginia? Although the Blue Ridge Mountains are perhaps more famous for flaming fall colors, spring is equally spectacular and with lengthening days, there’s no better time for a […]

“Love is Organic” at Loving Cup Vineyard

Loving Cup Vineyard and winery, which just opened to the public in April, is different by design.  As the first certified organic vineyard in the state, one would anticipate their viticultural practices are different than other vineyards but it goes much further. Founded by Karl Hambsch, along with his wife Deena, and his parents, Werner […]

Chef’s Special – Chef / Owner Armando Afzali

Valentino’s Pizzeria 4813 Beauregard Street Alexandria, VA 703-354-8383 When did you first become interested in cooking and why did you decide to pursue a culinary career? My father, Joe Afzali, owned Napoli Pizza in Flushing, Queens and as a young boy of 14, I worked with my father everyday after school from 2:45 p.m. […]

“Mom”orial Day!

If you haven’t yet seen it, do yourself a favor and Google, “World’s Toughest Job Interview.”  The interviewer is conducting interviews with potential candidates for a fake job they’ve created called, Director of Operations.  During the interviews, the employer slowly reveals a job description that is crazy beyond measure:  Works 365 days a year with […]

Arianna Zukerman: A Musical Force!

Arianna Zukerman is a musical force to be reckoned with; her performances have both amazed and brought listeners to tears throughout dozens of countries and countless venues. However, it is not just her ability as a soprano that has made her into a musical force, it is her industry experience, as well as the open […]

Is it Really a Sign?

Straddling the ethereal and practical on a daily basis is a balancing act.  You’d think by now I’d have it down pat – a direct hot-line to the Heavens that was always answered in clear and concise language {I wish!}. I’m human and my hotline can be fuzzy, especially when I’m trying to use it […]

Reel Deals

Buying a used car can be a harrowing experience, but buying a used bait casting fishing reel doesn’t have to be. Anglers upgrading gear are willing to unload perfectly good reels. Internet or Flea market sales are loaded with used reels. If you’re fairly handy, willing to learn reel repair, and know what you want…a […]

What SUP?

Anyone who has lazy bones in their bodies, as I do, may not rush out to try a sport often touted as a “good core workout.” In fact, we may hear “blah, blah, work, blah” and avoid it. This, I fear, may be keeping some prospective stand-up paddleboarders from trying it. They hear that old […]

The Positive Popping of the Plants

We all knew that sooner or later the snowflakes would stop flying and the temperatures would warm up a little. This was my hardest winter in Virginia in my 17 years of farming here. But, it is finally behind us. We still have a chance of frost as of this writing, but our buds have […]

Worth a Thousand Words: Tips for Photographing Your Pet!

The popularity of dog and cat photos on the internet is a testament to how much we humans love our pets, and how priceless –and timeless—a great photo can be.  Whether they’re funny or sweet, spontaneous or artistic, photos of animals speak to something deep within us.  So why not try photographing your own beloved […]