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Accessing Your Fame and Fortune

 Picture of an Apollo Star is below. Let me know if you’d like to use it and I can send it as a .jpg attachment. Apollo finger is noted with red squares and Apollo star is circled in red. Copyright Peggie Arvidson

Apollo finger is noted with red squares and Apollo star is circled in red. Copyright Peggie Arvidson

Chances are you have an Apollo Star or your life purpose on one or both of your Apollo (ring) fingers. It’s the most common purpose I see in my practice. It’s also one of the top three gift markings I, and many of my colleagues, see in our hand analysis businesses.

How to identify the Apollo Star:
Check out the fleshy mount below your ring finger. Look for a series of lines shooting out from a center location, forming an asterisk. If you have six or more lines forming this asterisk, you’ve got an Apollo star.  Don’t have one on that mount? Look down further, still under the base of the ring finger and see if you have an asterisk below the heart line because that counts too. [Heart lines begin under the pinky and travel horizontally toward the thumb side of the hand.] Each has a slightly different meaning, but are real gifts that have been granted to you, to help you live your life on purpose.

To keep things concise I won’t detail the identification of the Apollo purpose, but you have an Apollo life purpose if one of your highest ranking fingerprints are on one or both of your ring fingers. It would take more than 800 words to detail the fingerprint ranking system, so for today, let’s stick to the stars.

We refer to the Apollo Star as “Fame in the Arts” or “The Artist” or “Creator” and all are accurate depictions of this gift.  With an Apollo star you are called to a big spotlight and you have a high need for creative expression.

If you’re in denial of these attributes you’re cringing right now, shaking your head and insisting that you do. NOT. Have. A. Creative. Bone. In. Your. Body.  mmmmmmmmkay.

Look, if that’s where you are, I’m happy to meet you there.  I won’t let you off the hook, but I’ll meet you on the hook and we can go from there to unearth your unique brand of creativity.

If you have this gift you are the embodiment of the Creator Archetype and are called to create the world in which you wish to live. You’re also called to OWN your groove. Recognize that your style, your gift, your creative ways are not meant to please everyone, but they are meant to give you the outlet you need to get on with your life in a big and joyful way.

Most of my clients have found themselves in the penalty or challenge phase of this gift – and it feels crappy. When you’re in the penalty box you might feel:

  • that you have no talent whatsoever
  • that if you get on stage, paint the picture, sing the song or write that story the entire world will laugh at you (or worse, ignore you)
  • that you have nothing new to offer
  • that you don’t belong

Ugh!  I hate this phase.

What’s wild though, is that when you’re in the penalty phase you are probably getting a lot of attention.  You know, when you spend the entire happy hour “entertaining” your pals with your latest drama, or when you always get stuck behind the slowest car on the road on your way to yoga so you have to come in late and tell the instructor how you’re so sorry to disrupt.  Yep.  That’s an Apollo star on the Grasshopper path.

So how do you get out of the ugh and into the ahhh?

The easiest path is the most simple. CREATE.

Create where you are with what you have. It doesn’t have to be for public consumption (yet).  It can be picking up an instrument that you’ve moved with you for three years but haven’t dusted off in 10. Or it could be coloring Easter Eggs with your nieces and nephews.  Be willing to be a beginner and lean into creation today.  See what comes out of this. (I’ll bet you’ll find creative solutions to some of the challenges that have seemed insurmountable!)

From a practical perspective what does it mean to have an Apollo star?

You must use this gift in order to feel fulfilled and satisfied.  This doesn’t mean you have to quit your job and join the Joffrey Ballet. It DOES mean you make time in your schedule to pursue and enjoy creative time. While you may work by day as a suit-wearing, bottom-line decision-maker, by night you can break out the crayons and doodle to your heart’s content.  In addition, you can choose to accept the opportunities that come up for you to lead groups, get in front of the organization or simply share your creative problem-solving ideas.

Put your creative side out into the world and watch the magic happen.

Written by: Peggie Arvidson

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