Six Tips to Help You Avoid Online Fraud

Callout: What steps can you take to secure your valuable personal and financial data when banking or shopping online? Consider the following tips as important baseline checks. As technology continues to evolve, so too have the skills of cyber-criminals, who have honed their ability to break through firewalls, stealing valuable personal data and funds. What […]


Bruce Springsteen has had one hell of a career.  19 albums in 41 years and one of the longest unbroken recording contracts any artist has ever enjoyed.  And still, at age 64, his relevance and importance continues to rise.  So it can be forgiven if perhaps he hits a brick wall every now and then. […]

The Shape of Things

Shape is an intriguing concept. We select furniture and design our homes around the shapes of rooms. We pick out clothes that best flatter the shape of our bodies. The same concept applies to eyes! If you think about it, why should choosing eye makeup looks be any different? If you feel like no matter […]

Gettin’ Fit in ’14

Raise your hand if one of the New Year’s resolutions you made last month was to exercise more.  Or raise your hand if you don’t really go in for that whole “New Year’s resolutions thing” but have silently vowed to yourself that you’ll get more exercise (or lose weight or get outside more) this year.  […]

Anne Mahlum – Runner, Visionary!

Occasionally in life we are blessed to meet someone who is truly inspirational. A character that seems to have come straight out of an Austen novel and entered into the real world. For me, that person was Anne Mahlum. An entrepreneur, runner, spokesperson for the homeless, founder of Back on My Feet, and visionary, Anne […]

Five Reasons You Should Go Sailing in 2014

Allow me to be the one writer on a February deadline to not discuss valentines, black history, presidents, tax season, or how cold it is. Let’s talk about the five reasons you should go sailing this year. I know, it’s cold—but we’ve agreed not to talk about that. Run with me on this. Reason number […]

February 2014 Magazine

On the Road – February 2014

This place just keeps getting better!

In addition to all of the amenities those of us have who live at National Harbor, Peterson Companies has added a lot of extras that are attracting new visitors. We got a very cool carousel last summer, the Tanger Outlets opened just in time for holiday shopping on Black Friday, we even had an ice […]

What’s Hot in the Harbor!

SPAGnVOLA Chocolatier181 Waterfront “Our chocolates are a piece of our land; you don’t eat it, you ‘experience’ it and your soul becomes part of our land.” – Crisoire Reid, Head Chocolatier     Where They Came From:Pronounced as spang-vola, the name is derived from a 16th century voyage map of the island of Hispaniola […]