On The Road

Bob Harvey –Bar and Restaurant Legend

After a long hiatus, Bob Harvey, has returned to the local restaurant scene as the general manager of Riverbend Bistro in Hollin Hall. Bob has a tenured and well-founded perspective of the evolving life of restaurants and customers over the past thirty-five years in Alexandria, as he was one of the original bartenders at Chadwicks […]

Recap of 2013

As is my custom, the January road trip will be a review of the places I visited last year.  Complete articles can be found on our website from previous issues, however, not all have been archived yet. Although it was cold last January, I braved the weather and visited the Bloomery Plantation Distillery just outside […]

Pressing Concerns at Albemarle Ciderworks

This month’s Grapevine Column is a little fruity – apple that is.  With four new cideries open in the last year, there are now eight across the Commonwealth.  Cideries are emerging throughout the Southeast and Virginia is producing many unique and tasteful ciders.  In fact, Virginia ranked #4 on the top 10 list for cider […]

Improve Your Winter Workout

January marks the beginning of a new year, and for most of us that means some type of resolution to do something different for the next twelve months. If your old gym workout is starting to seem uninspiring, try something new to start off the year on a good note. People have been practicing yoga […]

The best laid plans…need not be original

January is an excellent month in several ways. The days are noticeably longer, most houseguests have vacated your premises, many orchids are in bloom, plus this month marks the beginning of a brand new decade. This is a great time to take a break from contemplating the (possibly fleeting) wisdom of your New Year’s resolutions […]

When your dog is hurting, there’s help beyond the vet’s: Physical therapy; holistic and alternative medicine can speed recovery

It’s gut-wrenching when you find your pet badly injured and you don’t even know if it’ll live. They can’t tell us what hurts, or even what happened. You may never have to deal with a seriously injured pet or a debilitating chronic condition, but eventually you’ll help them through the infirmities of old age, or […]

Virgin Islands National Park – 7,000 Acres of America’s Paradise

One of the very best aspects of St. John is undoubtedly the Virgin Islands National Park. The park encompasses about half of the island, ensuring the pristine alabaster beaches will remain just that, undisturbed for generations to come. National Parks are touted as “America’s Best Idea” and here on St. John, I have to agree. […]

Old Boat, New Friends

Among the reality television concepts I think would work, if only for a small and quirky viewer population, “Name This Vessel” has potential. The host would lead seasoned sailors, all blindfolded, on 10 unique sailboats, and once below, take off their blindfolds and let them guess the specific vessel type based on the layout of […]

From The Trainer

First things first: Happy New Year! I hope that all of your dreams came true during the holidays but more importantly that you rose to my fitness challenge. Did you manage to stay active the past two months even when it seemed impossible? It doesn’t take much. A simple walk around the neighborhood can do […]